Our People

With the belief that human being is the core factor of the success and development of enterprises, TANDE always cares of our employees. Our policies are aimed at employees at any working position, as well as any gender, any religion, any educational level, etc. We create a professional, open and creative working environment. Our work ethics focus on a high level of discipline, compliance to the organization as well as enthusiasm. In the company, we are brothers and sisters.

Our Community

Being a large-scale company, TANDE is well-aware of our responsibility to the community and future generations. We believe that a long-term success in business is built upon the balance between commercial values and social values. As such, we are keen on participating in communal activities such as various volunteer programs, especially those aimed at children, women and people of special needs.

Our Environment

Not only are we responsible for our employees and the community, we are also concerned about the environment. TANDE has formed its own environmental goals and complied with the implementation of environmental commitments.